Unforgettable Archery Tag Gdańsk

⭐Safe and convenient round-trip transportation to/from the facility
⭐50 minutes of heart-pumping gametime
⭐10 minutes of expert training to perfect your archery skills
⭐High-quality Archery Tag bow for an authentic experience
⭐Plenty of Archery Tag arrows to keep the action going
⭐Exciting inflatable obstacles for strategic cover
⭐Protective masks for a safe and fun game
⭐Easy equipment setup for a hassle-free experience
⭐Professional referee to keep the game fair and entertaining

From: 169,00 

Get ready to channel your inner medieval archer and unleash your competitive spirit with Archery Tag Gdansk, the action-packed game that has taken the world by storm! And now, it’s finally available in Poland.

With Archery Tag Gdansk, you can experience the thrill of the hunt as you aim your bow and arrow at your friends and family. But don’t worry, the arrows are completely safe and our expert instructors will teach you how to use the bow like a pro in no time.

Whether you’re a group of 12 or a smaller gathering, Archery Tag Gdansk is the perfect game to play. The objective of the game is simple: eliminate all of your opponents by hitting them with your arrow or knocking out all the discs of their shield.

To get started, we’ll provide you with 12 Archery Tag bows and 48 Archery Tag arrows (fast and standard), giving you four arrows per player when playing with 12 players. And with inflatable obstacles to take cover from enemy fire, finger and forearm protectors for the clumsy players, and protective masks for spectacular yet harmless headshots, you’re sure to have a blast.

But that’s not all. Our expert instructors will also guide you through tips and shooting techniques, ensuring that you become an Archery Tag Gdansk pro in no time. And with a referee and event animator to keep things exciting, the fun never stops with Archery Tag Gdansk!