Gdansk Restaurant Table Booking

Choose betweeen our 2 partner restaurants:
Piwnica Rajców – located 10 meters away from our meeting point! It’s a small brewery breweing their own beer. One of the attractions is a beer wall where you can pour your own beer. Eat the type of the food that goes well with the beer and can make you full before the pub crawl 🙂 Sour rye soup in bread, beef tartare, pork nuckle, beef burger, dumplings etc. click to see the menu
La Pampa Steakhouse – located 2 minute walk away from our meeting point. Famous for it’s wide range of steaks grilled on the grill heated only by wood. If you are more adventurous, check their tasting menu 🙂 click to see the menu

Choose the number of people in your group and book a table for free 🙂