Fun Bubble Football Gdańsk

From: 179,00 

Get ready to experience the ultimate soccer game like never before with Bubble Football Gdansk! Also known as Bubble Soccer or Bumper Ball, this game has simple rules but is full of excitement. You’ll be playing inside an inflatable zorb-like bubble, ready to smash into your friends and find yourself literally rolling away from the ball, bouncing around, laughing and making others laugh. Get ready to sweat like never before and have the time of your life!

This new sporting alternative combines 5-a-side footy with big bumper balls to make the playing experience extraordinary. Imagine yourself and your mates dressed up in transparent bubbly-shaped balls, ready for some wicked action on the pitch as tackling comes to a whole new level. You can rest assured that safety is our top priority, as our balls are equipped with a padded harness and designed to avoid most injuries.

Ideal for groups between 8 and 18 people, the game includes a round-trip transfer, court rental, training, and a referee to animate the game and take care of everything. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to try something new and create unforgettable memories with your friends!